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Typically South Tirolean: New Wine Tasting

Experience a new wine tasting in Hotel Tenz in South Tirol! Fall in Montan and the surrounding area is full of wine-related traditions. "Törggelen," as the locals call it, means tasting new wine in a convivial round and is an expression of South Tirolean lifestyle.

Be our guest as the surrounding vintners open their houses in the fall and offer wine tasting direct from the makers! A bouquet ("Buschen") over the door tells the guest that the "Buschenschank" is open.

A short lexicon for “Törggelen”

  • Latin: torculum = winepress, from which we get the German "Törggelen"
  • Siaßer: Grape must in the early days of fermentation
  • Nuier: Young wine
  • Keschtn: Roast chestnuts
  • Nussn: Nuts
  • Kaminwurzen: Smoked sausage
  • Buschen: A bouquet above the front door

Enjoy it the South Tirolean way: Must and young wine go well with fresh walnuts, roast chestnuts or the popular sweet rolls with poppy seed filling. A typical main dish for “Törggelen” consists of a juicy sausage plate.

  • Keschtn: Roast chestnuts
  • Day trip with wine tasting
  • South Tirolean wine: Extraordinary quality

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