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Hiking Around the Hotel Tenz and the Montan Holiday Region

You will find terrific hiking trails that start direct from Hotel Tenz. Be inspired by the following hiking trails! The examples here offer just a sample. You will see: On site you can discover many more opportunities.

Among the countless beautiful hiking trials you will find all levels of difficulty, from easy walking paths to challenging climbing trails.

Highlights in the vicinity include for example the hike through the ruins of the castle fields, the 7 km hiking path around Lake Kaltern or the climbing trail through the Bletterbach gorge ...Or set some milestones on European Hiking Trail No. 5.

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Example 1: Hiking Trails in the Trudner Horn Nature Park

The Trudner Horn park in the middle of the mountains offers you a dense network of hiking trails. The charming villages and mountain meadows with traditional alpine cuisine invite you to stay a while and rest.

Direct from your holiday spot of Montan you can pick up the hiking trails into Trudner Horn Nature Park. The highly diverse Mediterranean vegetation is visually documented in the Nature Park House in Truden. As a hiker in the Nature Park you will become keenly aware of the border between the Italian and German languages: The community of Altrei speaks German; in the neighboring village Capriana in Fleimstal you already hear Italian.

Example 2: Hiking Trails on the Discontinued Line of the Fleimstalbahn

Starting from your holiday spot in Montan you can hike around 12km to Kaltenbrunn. The wonderfully rustic, shady hike will take you to the discontinued section of the Fleimstalbahn rail line. You will pass through some tunnels, so it's best to take a flashlight!

Description: Your starting point is the large parking lot outside of the village of Montan. From there you take the road to Pinzon, cross a larger road and continue on a street on the other side. Once you read the rail line, you will find a side-trip to the viaduct worth your while; a bit later you will have a painterly view of the viaduct from above. Once you reach Kaltenbrunn, you can take the bus back or you can continue on the branching path to the nearby town of Truden, which takes about half an hour. There you will also find bus connections to Montan or Auer.

Example 3: Hiking The "Katzenleiter" ["Cat's Ladder" in english]

The trail starts in nearby Auer at the church square with the St. Mary's Church and leads you up the many steps of the "Katzenleiter" to striking views above the romantic Schwarzenbach gorge.

Description: Starting from the church square in Auer, take the "Wasserfallweg" to the right next to the church. At the end of that road, near the mountain, you go a bit further over a water protection wall to the staircase starting the "Katzenleiter". Around 550 stairs take you to a waterfall. Your steep ascent will be rewarded with magnificent views. At the top, a shady forest pasth leads you past farmhouses. At Aldeiner Strasse you have just a few more kilometres to a bus stop for the return trip to Auer.

Example 4: Hike on Albrecht-Dürer-Weg

On this hike you are following in the footsteps of painter Albrecht Dürer. Near Neumarkt, the town neighbouring your holiday spot in Montan, lies the old St. Florian church and above it an exceptionally well-preserved medieval pilgrim's lodging called the "Klösterle" ["The Little Cloister"]. Here is where the historical passage over the mountains into Fleimstal and onward to Trient. It was used in times when the Salurner Klause was impassable due to flooding. Albrecht Dürer walked this trail. He recorded his first trip to Venice in five watercolours. One view shows the Segonzano Fortress with the earthen pyramids there.

Description: Starting from St. Floiran the Albrecht Dürer trail will take you over Krozzol and the so-called Roman bridge into Fleimstal and on to Segozano. The trail is clearly marked starting from Klösterle. Just follow the well-known initials of Albrecht Dürer (an A with a D written inside it). A recommended day trip is the trail from Kösterle to Laag through Buchholz and Pichl on to Salurn (a section of the Albrecht Dürer Trail).

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