• Castelfeld Ruins
  • Castelfeld Ruins
  • Castelfeld Ruins

Discover the Castelfeld Ruins

The Castelfeld ruins are an extraordinary testament to thousands of years of settlement in the south of South Tyrol. The settlement site is the strategically important Porphyr Hill in the immediate proximity of your holiday spot—from there you can reach it quickly on the magnificent hiking trails. Enjoy the unique view from the ruins into the South Tyrolean lowlands!

The current outer perimeter wall with the arch originated from an early medieval fortification. The original settlements are much older, though. Archeological finds such as urn burials and grave gifts can be dated back to the second millennium B.C. Later settlements from various cultures are in evidence. One thing is certain: Our ancestors already esteemed the sun-favoured location of the high plateau above the river Etsch.

  • Castelfeld ruins with a view of the Etsch
  • Impressvie ruins from earlier times
  • Picturesque photo motif: The Castelfeld Arches

Unique Dry Vegetation

The sunny Porphyr hill with the Castelfeld ruins will surprise you will its extraordinary vegetation. Completely atypical for South Tyrol one finds here spare ground with only scattered rustic oaks. The Castelfeld biotope stands in stark contrast to the surrounding South Tyrolean flora, with the lush meadows and thick woods. This is exactly what lends it its special attraction.

Info: The tourist region around your holiday spot in Montan is called “Castelfeld”.

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